Elderly couple stuck with over Sh.1m damaged by termites

Written by on July 28, 2021

An elderly couple in Amuru district is stuck with notes summing up to one million six hundred and fifteen thousand Uganda Shillings, after being damaged by termites.

Bicentina Alal 75,and her husband Tito Okema 80, have been saving this money in a metallic case, in their house, where they live with their six grandchildren in Kali-Kali Village in Rec Iceke Parish in Layima Sub County.

Alal told our reporter yesterday that they have been saving their proceeds from the sale of papyrus mats, dried cassava chips, crops, mingling sticks, poultry and domestic animals.

Tito Okema, says that left without any other option, they gathered the damaged notes and are now keeping them in another metallic bowl with the hope that someone may come to their rescue.

The couple reveals the reason for not saving with banks and other financial service providers, that they do not trust anyone with their money. 

Cosmas Apuke, a son of the couple notes that he is yet to find out from the Bank of Uganda whether they can replace the damaged notes, whose serial numbers can be retrieved.

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