Twimukye Tukore

Presented by Rurekyera Geofrey | Carol & Prof. Karekyezi

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Twimukye Tukore

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Weekday mornings 6-10AM Monday-Friday on your number one station, 97.8 Kazo FM Omushomesa.
Waking up has never been easy, but with Twimukye Tukore program, you get energyized to leave your bed and work for your posterity.
Rurekyera Geofrey – one of the three in this program
Join the Crew every 6-10am Monday to Friday, as you work, listening to the greatest music, information, fun and entertainment in the morning.
#Rurekyer Geofrey | Carol & Prof.Karekyezi

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A passionate elegant gentleman with uncompromised integrity and unmatched professionalism. From your morning till your sleep, I’m the one choosing what you hear, that’s what an art director does! And don’t think it’s easy, it is basically fun but hard.   I love so much my work that I would do it even for free, […]

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